autopipes: Automates tasks associated with AutoCAD™ drawings of hydraulic systems

Role of autopipes in lifecycle of sprinkler drawing

A hydraulic sprinkler drawing goes through a number of development stages. First one draws elements of the hydraulic system based on a floor layout.  Then one calculates estimated diameters of the pipes which make up the system to ensure sufficient pressure at end points. The last set of task is to add pipe measurements to the drawing so that the system can be approved and installed. The aim of our project is to automate that last set of tasks.


The intended user of our project is experienced in drawing hydraulic systems with AutoCAD (version 2000 or higher). The user needs to follow conventions about graphic symbols used to represent components of a hydraulic system. In addition, v1.0 requires Microsoft™ Excel while v2.0 requires JRE 1.5 or higher.

Project Status

A complete early version (1.0) of this project has been released as VB6 source. That early version is currently frozen and is not under CVS control. Work has started on a major rewrite (2.0) version.  The first limited-functionality release of the new version is now available. The source is under CVS control and may be browsed. Both versions are available for download from project release page.


Takeout value tells by how much a pipe needs to be shortened in order to fit into a sprinkler system.  Each takeout depends on the shape and (in few instances) on the vendor who manufactured the join used in the attachment, on the types of pipes at the join (whether branch or a main pipes) and on the diameters. The takeout values used by this project may be accessed as follows:


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